Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Outings + 10 months

Lots of park visits are keeping us entertained.  Climbing through the tubes, watching other kids, and obviously the baby swings are our favorite things to hit up.
^^Get in my belly!^^
I love me a good snow cone.  This was Henley's first introduction to the nectar of the Gods.  Love at first bite. 

We have a little reader on our hands.  I feel really lucky she enjoys books so much.  She will sit down with me for 30 minutes a day (at least) and read through every book we have.  Going to the library each week and getting a new set of books probably plays a role in her lengthy attention span.   

Doesn't she look like a little girl in the picture above?!  Just like every other mom out there, I cannot believe how quickly time has passed.  Almost a year old!!  Below are ten things about this 10 mth old.
  1. Obsessed with raspberries
  2. Throwing is her new hobby, and then typically chasing what she threw
  3. Touching everything
  4. Standing up in her crib and screaming
  5. Nodding yes and no
  6. Crawling all over me whether I am sitting, laying, standing, etc.
  7. Loves to turn the radio on and listen to music.  Also loves me to sing to her (woof)
  8. Snuggling after a nap
  9. Opening and closing drawers, cupboards, doors
  10. Animals - - she adores them
^^Daily ritual.  Hanging out with Grandpa when he gets home from work.^^

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