Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Visitors & Holidays

October and November have been very busy months.  Here is a little recap.  We had TONS of visitors from my family.  My mom came for a full week once the baby was born.  She was a God send.  And yes I cried like a little baby after dropping her off at the airport, all the way home, and most of the afternoon.  I am pretty sure reality had just set in and I knew I was going to be home with this baby with not a clue what to with her.

My cute younger sister and her husband Steve dropped by for a couple of days. 
 My older sister came for a weekend and helped us out while on her way home from a conference in Chicago.  
And then again in November, both my parents came for five days and we had the best time.  Maybe I should say, Richard and I had the best time.  We were able to go on a date...I was pretty worried about going but once we were gone I was fine.  It was unbelievably nice to have some time with just the two of us.  My parents also were amazing and took a couple of the night feedings.  That was the first time I had more than three consecutive hours of sleep since Henley had been born.  Pure heaven.  
Then of course there was Halloween.  The Graff's held their annual Halloween bash and we went as robbers.  I have always really loved dressing up for Halloween and it made it even more fun this year with a baby.  As you can see, she didn't love her hat.  It was ripped off multiple times before we gave in and took it off all together.

Traditional pumpkin carving.

For Thanksgiving we celebrated and ate ourselves to death with the Graff's, Allen's, and Obryant's.  Once again I decided to make homemade pie (including the crust).  Last year it ended in a lot of swearing and tears after I scalded myself with the filling and the crust edges all slumped in the middle of the pie after being baked.  Richard asked me multiple times why I was doing it again and there was no logical explanation except I felt like I had to defeat the crusts and to torture myself.  Outcome, the crusts won.  Slumped edges.  But on the bright side I didn't get burned or mad this year.  So I considered it a success.  Maybe next year.  We also had to take a picture of Henley with the football to prove we held the tradition of throwing around the old pigskin for the holiday.  Now on to Christmas!!  Is it sad that I always have a very big list of items that I want?!  I thought that would maybe stop as I got older.  Nope.