Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Photos & Superstition

I've come to terms with the fact that I will never be caught up on this blog.  I'm eternally behind.  I have an explanation for it though.  Henley has never been a good sleeper.  Especially for naps.  When she does take a nap I am walking on egg shells the whole time cause she is consistently unpredictable.  The past handful of times I have attempted to put together a post during her nap time, she will wake up within five minutes of me starting.  No joke.  So I know this is silly, but I haven't dared blog during the precious sleep time.  Whelp, tried it again today and...she woke up three min into uploading pictures.  The superstition lives on.

Anyway, quick post about some Christmas card pictures we had taken.  I wanted to go get them professionally taken for some unknown reason.  However when you try to schedule it on Dec 5 you quickly realize that everyone is full for the season and you have your sister-in-law take them on her couch.  We did them quickly after church one Sunday and there was truly no outfit planning, pose planning, background planning, etc.  We just winged it!  (Is that the proper way to use that phrase).  We definitely had some struggling moments.  Good thing the world has gone digital because we were able to take about 200 pics and find a couple of good ones.  

^^I'll say it...our bottom halves look gigantic in this photo.  Also, Rich's face...he would kill me for posting this.^^
^^She already has the duck face down. Selfies here we come.^^ 
 ^^And here was the winner.  Most natural one we could find.^^

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grateful for Surprises

I LOVE surprises.  Always have and always will.  Gifts, events, food - if it is a surprise it makes it about 10 times better.  I am a little picky so it isn't really fair when it comes to gift giving but I can't help it.  Richard was supposed to be home from his rotation in Indianapolis really late on Thanksgiving.  The plan was to meet him at his parent's house around 11:00 pm.  We hadn't seen each other since Sept and only two times total since May.  Basically I was dying for him to get home.  On the eve of Thanksgiving Sharice, Steve and I went to Tandoori Oven, which happens to be in gas station to get some delicious Indian food.  He called me a couple of times because he was supposedly driving to Des Moines.  We got home from dinner and were just hanging out as a fam and in walked Rich!  I was speechless and so happy.  He had told lie upon lie in order to make it a complete surprise, which I approve of.  It was the best gift anyone could have ever given me.  This Thanksgiving will go down in my best memories book.  
^^I'm not the only one who missed him.  She wouldn't stop kissing him and insisted on being held by "Dada" for the next 3+ days.  Below is one of my favorite pics ever.  You can see the love for him in her little face.^^

 ^^The Larsen's and Aunt Marla (my grandpa's sister who used to play pro softball.  She has looked the same since I was an infant.  I swear.)^^
 ^^My Grandma & Grandpa Bankhead.  They couldn't be cuter.^^
 ^^The goy-rls^^

 ^^Mastering the fish face for dad.^^
 ^^I finally invested in a carrier cause of a great black Friday deal.  Pretty sure I missed the boat to carry Henley in one.  She looks like a 1st grader in it and my back was breaking.^^
^^Hitting up the Aggie basketball game with Grandma and Grandpa.^^
Also, on Thanksgiving day we moved down to American Fork to live with his parents for a few months since Rich is working in Salt Lake.  Henley celebrated the move by waking up the first night at 3:00 am and not going back to bed until 7:30 am.  It was a bit of a rude awakening for Rich.  Is it terrible to say that I'm glad I didn't have to suffer alone?  So glad he is home.  We loved 2013 Thanksgiving!