Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yep, the Rumor is True

We are expecting and still can't believe it!!  Baby Bell is due around Sept 20 (according to our math), but we still haven't had an ultrasound so it is still up in the air.  I wouldn't be mad if they told us our math was off and we were due the beginning of Sept...just sayin.
Above is me at 17 weeks (currently at 20 weeks).  Since then, I feel like I have fully blossomed into the phase "Is she fat or pregnant?" which is lovely and a bunch of fun!  We didn't tell our families until I was in the 2nd trimester and boy, oh, boy, it was a hard secret to keep.  I told my job just a week ago and have received a lot of funny/intruding questions since.

1.  "When did you guys conceive?"  Um...what!!??  I told her I didn't know and her response was "Wow, you two must be really active if you know what I mean..."  Okay, too far and super awkward.  I said something sarcastic back and went completely red.  How do you respond to that?
2.  "So who is the lucky guy?" and "Is it your boyfriend's?"  Somehow the technology department thinks Rich and I are just dating vs married even though I have told them otherwise.  Every Monday I still get asked "What did you and your boyfriend do this weekend?"  Hilarious.
3.  "What are your vaccination plans?"  Don't know.  I still need time to get used to the idea that we are actually having a child.
4.  "Are you going to use a midwife...?" and then a long explanation of why they are the only way to go and blah, blah, blah.
5.  And lots of opinions on if we should find out the sex or not.

We have been quite surprised/pleased by everyone's comments, well wishes, opinions, and questions.  It has been pretty entertaining.  We are thrilled about the news and grateful we can share the news with everyone!

Friends & Florida

Since moving to Iowa I haven't had a chance to spend a lot of time with my friends when I visit Utah.  A few hours here and there, but never a full day.  I have really missed them and I'm sure those of you that have moved away know what I'm talking about.
Every year a friends trip is put together and I haven't been able to go for the past two years, but this year Rich made sure I was going (thank you).  We all met in Fort Lauderdale, FL and had the best time.  Beach + shopping + Sonic happy hour + eating out = happy, happy girls.  We probably had too much fun...

We bought these awesome shirts that everyone and their dog had.  I have worn mine surprisingly/sadly a lot since I have been home.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Party Like A Rock Star

For my B-Day a couple of months ago, Rich was extremely thoughtful and threw a surprise party for me with all of our closest friends. He went to a lot of work, decorating the whole place, making my favorite Krumb Cake, getting everyone together, and ordering the most delicious BBQ chicken pizzas. I am still extremely impressed with him. It was a Friday and I, of course, went to work with four day grease monkey hair so I looked like trash, but that didn't affect the fun. Unfortunately I took only one measly picture (above) after most everyone had left.
All I wanted for my birthday was to attend the DMU Winter Gala = prom night for med students. Lame, I know but it sounded like a ton of fun and something different to do. Plus Rich and I have never really been to a dance or club together so this was the time to get our groove on!! Last year the tickets sold out before we bought any, so this year I nagged Rich to death to get them in time. It was formal dress and there was no way I was squeezing myself into a prom way. So I opted for my fanciest LBD I had. It worked out perfectly, even though I was a little under dressed. We danced and sweat the night away. Lots of other students compared us to Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing. We thought it was pretty accurate :) Definitely one of our most memorable nights.
On the dance floor where we spent most of the night...oh and the chocolate fountain which I had a hard time pulling myself away from.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Celebrating Rich's Birthday back in January with the Graff's, Krispy Kreme, and the Detroit Lions.

I really enjoy trying new places to eat in Des Moines. We heard great things about Spaghetti Works and it definitely didn't let us down. We stuffed ourselves with pasta, pizza, and bread. The button to our pants may or may not have been undone by the end of this meal.

The Mars Cafe held an outstanding art show by our good friend Curtis Poortinga. His focus for this show was birds. He's extremely talented and we wanted to purchase a few...too bad we are still students. It was such a fun night. We all chatted, looked at the art, and ate dessert while Curtis performed some live art. Definitely a night to remember.