Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yep, the Rumor is True

We are expecting and still can't believe it!!  Baby Bell is due around Sept 20 (according to our math), but we still haven't had an ultrasound so it is still up in the air.  I wouldn't be mad if they told us our math was off and we were due the beginning of Sept...just sayin.
Above is me at 17 weeks (currently at 20 weeks).  Since then, I feel like I have fully blossomed into the phase "Is she fat or pregnant?" which is lovely and a bunch of fun!  We didn't tell our families until I was in the 2nd trimester and boy, oh, boy, it was a hard secret to keep.  I told my job just a week ago and have received a lot of funny/intruding questions since.

1.  "When did you guys conceive?"  Um...what!!??  I told her I didn't know and her response was "Wow, you two must be really active if you know what I mean..."  Okay, too far and super awkward.  I said something sarcastic back and went completely red.  How do you respond to that?
2.  "So who is the lucky guy?" and "Is it your boyfriend's?"  Somehow the technology department thinks Rich and I are just dating vs married even though I have told them otherwise.  Every Monday I still get asked "What did you and your boyfriend do this weekend?"  Hilarious.
3.  "What are your vaccination plans?"  Don't know.  I still need time to get used to the idea that we are actually having a child.
4.  "Are you going to use a midwife...?" and then a long explanation of why they are the only way to go and blah, blah, blah.
5.  And lots of opinions on if we should find out the sex or not.

We have been quite surprised/pleased by everyone's comments, well wishes, opinions, and questions.  It has been pretty entertaining.  We are thrilled about the news and grateful we can share the news with everyone!


  1. Crazzzy news! So excited for you two!

  2. way too funny!! congrats once again.

  3. I need to read your blog more often! This is fun! I am SO HAPPY for you two! Yay for baby GIRL Bell!

  4. This is wonderful news!!! I'm so happy I found your blog!