Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Confessions of a Hypocritical Mother

 Just a few confessions here.  My train of thought has changed quite a bit since having a baby.

  • We will tote the baby all around town and she will be sooo cultured due to all of the events we take her to
    • I used to find myself getting unintentionally irritated with parents who were not flexible with their children's schedules.  No longer.  We have Henley on a loose schedule and often times decide the things we used to love doing aren't always the best for a baby.  There is definitely a balance with this one.
  • I will have all the time in the world to cook, do projects, keep the house spotless and start some new hobbies...
    • I have no clue what I do all day and yet I feel so busy.  Having a child has not domesticated me.  In fact Richard said the other day when someone asked how often I cook "She actually cooks less now than when she was working."  Can't deny that. 
  • Sleep deprivation, not that big of a deal.  I used to only get a few hours of sleep each night in college and I was fine
    • Not the same.  Is it because I am older now or if staying up late in college usually meant doing something fun???  All I know is that when I am sleep deprived I walk around with a little bit of crazy in my eye.  Come to find out, I need sleep.
  • Crying it out can't be that bad
    • So far this method is something we have not been able to do.  Bunch of softies.  We know we will eventually have to do it and it will pay off, but can I please not be home?!
  • Other random things I have learned
    • Never make a batch of cookies in the middle of the day when you and the baby are the only ones home.  I end up eating at least half of the dough and then another five cookies once they are baked.  The inner tube around my middle is the proof.
    • I will never say I won't do something because I will almost definitely do it or be extremely tempted to.
    • The longer I'm a parent, the less I know.


Hello...she's smiling now.  Love it!