Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1.5 years/18 Months

Well we have made it to the 1.5 year mark! When do you stop telling people your kid's age in months. I think I will start now so others no longer have to calculate in their heads how old my child is. Here are a few things about our little nugget at 1.5 years old. Every morning I am greeted with either "Hi Mom." or "Heeeeyyy" when I go get her. It makes the early mornings a lot more bearable.
^^We are currently living with my in-laws and one of her favorite things to do is stand on this doll house. Not necessarily playing with the doll house, just standing on it.^^
^^She has really picked up on the different types of animals these past couple of months. She can do the onomatopoeia for a dog, horse, chicken, dolphin, owl, cat, horse, and elephant. The horse and dog seem to be her favorite.^^

^^Henley is a lover of taking objects in and out of containers. This little token jar has given her hours of entertainment and the markers in her pockets was a full day activity.^^ 
Her love for the swimming pool continues to increase.
^^She is my best little helper. I kid you not, she helps me clean the house. When I say it is time to clean she requests a rag with a little water on it and wipes anything off I ask her to. And pushing around the vacuum is fully entertaining in her eyes. I hope this keeps up.^^ 
 A few more things:
- Her top front teeth are finally showing. She has been a slow teeth sprouter, but they are coming in. Huge gaps and all. 
-  She is talking and understanding more and more every day.
-  She is so sweet and nice to other babies and is constantly telling people to "shhhh" when babies are around. Probably because I say that a lot when we babysit her younger cousin.
-  Her love for silliness and laughing is contagious.
-  She is a mama and dada's girl
-  Still loves her binky and blanket
-  Favorite food is blueberries or grapes
-  Favorite movie is Rio (hands down)
-  Favorite thing to do is be outside or play with animals
-  Loves piggy back rides
-  Gets very excited when I let her roam through a store while I follow her or pretend to chase her. She gets a real thrill out of it. 
- Loves saying prayers. Amen is her specialty.

We love this age so much! Just as we think it can't get any better it somehow does.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tea Party Time

Just a few weeks ago we went over to visit Rich's grandma and she had a little tea set that Henley played with the whole time we were there.  Handing us each a cup, then collecting them again one by one. When we left with her screaming in our arms for the cups we thought it might be fun to get her a set of her own. So, on the next snowy day in Utah we made a visit to Ikea and got ourselves a tea set. It has been a huge hit. She absolutely loves it and we average at least two tea parties a day. All she needs is a little water, some fruit or crackers, and someone to sit with her and she is a happy camper.

 ^^Her dad is probably her favorite guest.^^

 ^^She learned how to do "cheers" which is done approximately 30 times per tea party.^^
 ^^And sometimes the parties just end with the host sitting on the ghetto homemade table with her stuffed owl, Goldie.^^