Monday, March 17, 2014

Tea Party Time

Just a few weeks ago we went over to visit Rich's grandma and she had a little tea set that Henley played with the whole time we were there.  Handing us each a cup, then collecting them again one by one. When we left with her screaming in our arms for the cups we thought it might be fun to get her a set of her own. So, on the next snowy day in Utah we made a visit to Ikea and got ourselves a tea set. It has been a huge hit. She absolutely loves it and we average at least two tea parties a day. All she needs is a little water, some fruit or crackers, and someone to sit with her and she is a happy camper.

 ^^Her dad is probably her favorite guest.^^

 ^^She learned how to do "cheers" which is done approximately 30 times per tea party.^^
 ^^And sometimes the parties just end with the host sitting on the ghetto homemade table with her stuffed owl, Goldie.^^

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