Thursday, August 23, 2012

Amana Colonies

Quite a few weekends ago we took a day trip with the Graff's to the Amana Colonies.  They are these German colonies about two hours east of Des Moines that are famous for their food and little shops.  We are very glad the Graff's invited to come along because I don't think we would have made the trek otherwise.  Such a fun day.  Luckily the weekend weather was overcast which made it a lot more bearable.

 Lots and lots of meats and cheeses in the shops.  We didn't buy any of it and I didn't even try the samples.  I'm a total wimp, I know.

 They had their own root beer brewery.  I thought it was delicious.

The lily pads were in perfect bloom while we were there.  Honestly couldn't have been a more perfect time to go.

 They had this gigantic rocking chair and cute wood shop right next to it.  

On to the food...always one of my favorite topics.  We ate a German restaurant (the name is leaving me right now), but we ordered the spaetzle noodles and the weinerschnitzel.  I haven't had either and I was a little afraid of the meat.  The name in itself frightened me.  I was thinking it would be meat in a casing like a hot dog yet I was pleasantly surprised.  The meal also came with delicious broccoli salad which to this day Rich can't stop talking about.  This kills me because we had better broccoli salad at our wedding reception and he has no recollection of it!  So funny the things they remember.

On the drive back, there are some shopping outlets right off of the freeway which were nothing short of amazing!!  Of course Ashley and I planned on stopping and in reality thought the shopping was just as important as the Amana Colonies.  I had warned Richard beforehand and he had agreed to it saying he would just sit in the car.  The stores didn't let us down and the boys didn't stay in the car either.  Rich ended up getting quite a few things which was surprising but made me feel a lot better about buying a few items.  
One of the things he purchased was a Drew Brees jersey.  I know, I can't believe my life partner owns a jersey - however he only wears  it on Sundays (the second we get home from church) and isn't allowed to wear it out of the house.  Strict?  I don't care - jersey's are ugly and trashy unless worn to a sporting event.  When we finally wrapped up the shopping Richard mentioned he has never been shopping for soooooo long in his entire life.  We are talking like two hours people - not really that long at all (I could've spent the entire day there)!!!  He was a really good sport and didn't complain at all which I love him for.  After a long day of traveling, sightseeing, and shopping we treated ourselves to Mcdonald's lovely chocolate dipped cones. One of our summer obsessions.   All in all, a fabulous weekend! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Few Thoughts

Post pregnancy excitement
      1.  Clothes, clothes & more clothes – I have been dying to try out the colored jean trend and get some cute new patterned tops/dresses.  Here are a few I’ve had my eye on.  My wardrobe will also triple in size because hopefully after a few months I will be able to wear some of my pre-pregnancy items.

2.  Working out – I can’t wait to bust a move on the treadmill or go to a class and actually be able to keep up.  I’m finding myself winded these days just going up a few stairs.  Also, having a goal and workout regime in mind is something I look forward to.
3.  The Ta-Tas – This is a gross description I know, but seriously it is getting out of hand.  I’m fully aware that these gallon jugs are going to get even larger while I am the main source of the baby’s food supply.  A girl can look forward to the deflation, right?  Call me crazy – I’ll probably change my mind after it happens. 
4.  Bending over – Sumo wrestler, squatting or panting lady is how I would describe myself when I pick things up these days.  Everything is just sooooo squished.

What Will Be Missed
1.  Feeling the baby move – If you haven’t experienced this yet, it is quite incredible peeps.  Yes there are times when you get a good jab to the ribs or bladder but overall it is fantastic.
2.  Lack of Working Out – I know this is contradicting what I already said.  There are a lot of times though where I really have enjoyed slacking off and not feeling too guilty about it.  It has been a nice break and I will miss having a good justification.
3.  Pot Belly – Yep, I am really going to miss letting it all hang out.  I can’t remember the last time I tried to “think skinny” as my dad would say.  I don’t even know if my muscles will be able to recall how to suck it in.  I guess we will see.

I hope some of you are in my boat and have or had a list of things you looked forward to after being pregnant.  I would love to see what is on your list...

PS...Of course I am ecstatic/frightened for the actual baby and all it entails.  It just seemed to obvious to list.