Monday, May 14, 2012

Boppy, Bumbo, Baby Bjorn...?

The items we have purchased for the bun in the oven, two books.  Which we used our $10 Kohl's cash to purchase (I love getting those in the mail).  Pathetic?  I know.  Every time I go to buy something I find myself not being able to make a decision.  The two questions always running through my mind is "Will I use this?  Do I/the baby have to have this?"  And 100% of the time I talk myself out of buying it.  There are sooo many products out there and I find myself overwhelmed.  Will we need a glider/rocking chair?  Baby bath tub or just use the sink?  Stroller that car seat can attach to or a jogger?  Breast pump?  Will I use a Baby Bjorn?  Our goal is to be minimalists, but also to get a few fun extra things too.  So I am enlisting in some help.  What was your "Can't Live Without" baby item you purchased?  Do you have any advice on this whole subject?  Keep in mind that I am new at this so excuse how naive I am...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Recognition & Right of Passage

We have almost made it through the second year of podiatry school!  I can hardly believe it and as cheesy as this sounds...I'm incredibly proud of the hubby.  To celebrate and congratulate, Des Moines University put on a Recognition & Right of Passage night.  They acknowledged a bunch of the professors and the top student in each science-based class.  The same kid received the top grade in 90% of the classes, thus receiving all of the awards.  I mentioned afterward that we should jump him in the parking one accepted the idea.  Apparently he is a really nice guy, but if he wasn't...
All the pod students reciting the school modo.

Class of 2014 (Where's Wichard?)

Mr. & Mrs. Bell with baby on the way

The boys (Husband, Todd & Steven)
You might be wondering (like I was) why all of their coats are extra short, boxy and awkward looking.  Well, it seems that whoever designed them isn't worried about flattering the students bodies.  At least that is what Richard told me.  Also, when they graduate they receive their long Dr. coats.  Until then, the teasing of the short coat kids can continue from those who have moved on to their long attire.  Third year here we come!! Sayonara hours and hours of book work...hello patients (with assistance of course).