Monday, May 14, 2012

Boppy, Bumbo, Baby Bjorn...?

The items we have purchased for the bun in the oven, two books.  Which we used our $10 Kohl's cash to purchase (I love getting those in the mail).  Pathetic?  I know.  Every time I go to buy something I find myself not being able to make a decision.  The two questions always running through my mind is "Will I use this?  Do I/the baby have to have this?"  And 100% of the time I talk myself out of buying it.  There are sooo many products out there and I find myself overwhelmed.  Will we need a glider/rocking chair?  Baby bath tub or just use the sink?  Stroller that car seat can attach to or a jogger?  Breast pump?  Will I use a Baby Bjorn?  Our goal is to be minimalists, but also to get a few fun extra things too.  So I am enlisting in some help.  What was your "Can't Live Without" baby item you purchased?  Do you have any advice on this whole subject?  Keep in mind that I am new at this so excuse how naive I am...


  1. analese! i felt the SAME way. I remember going into babies r us for the first time,seeing the insane amounts of stuff and having so much anxiety. there is WAY too much stuff out there! i agree with the "minimalistic" route. babyness can take over your house fast. i know every baby/momma is different but here are a few things that we loved.

    -aden and anais swaddle blankets

    -stroller travel system...i loved that i could click her carseat in and just go.

    -medela breast pump. i didnt think i'd use it but nora had a hard time nursing at first so it saved us. also, jeff was able to help out with the night feedings this way. saved my sanity. i got the single/electric pump so i could throw it in my purse & use it anywhere. well worth the $ & should last multiple babies.

    -a good thermometer. skip the cheapos. the ones you scan across the foreheads are amazing.

    -i loved NUK binkies. i bought a couple packs of others before that were useless. but those worked best (i know, totally depends on baby)supposedly they help with nursing.

    -bumbo. so nice for when they are learning to sit. nora loved to see what i was doing & just chill in it.

    -rocker/glider. nikki just passed hers down to me and i think it was only like $50 when she bought it. just something thats comfy, totally nice for nursing.

    the list could obviously go on but i think these are the main things that saved us and we've used the most! im so excited for you guys! such a fun time :)

  2. I have no kids, and a closet full of baby stuff - so take this for what it's worth...but I don't think there is any harm in waiting till after the baby is born on some of those bigger "iffy" purchases. Things like bouncers, swings, etc. Some babies love them, and other babies hate them. Borrow what you can, then you can pass it on if you don't use it.

  3. that being said....I know someone who works for the company that owns: JJ Cole, First Years, Boon, Bumbo etc...and would totally hook you up with her employee discount if you were interested :) :)

  4. I second a lot of what Dani said. It was nice to have a stroller that the car seat could click into. You will be surprised at how much you will avoid moving a sleeping baby under any circumstance. At least this way, if the babe falls asleep in the car you can just pull the whole thing out and go for a walk, run errands, etc. I love the baby bjorn. It enabled me to cook and clean and still hold little G with me. We also used it a lot for hiking. I LOVED the Boppy pillow! It was the perfect size for Gavin to nurse and it was great for helping him learn to sit up. For our next baby I want a Bumbo. I think they are fabulous...but tough to get chubby babies out of :) If you are going to breast feed INVEST IN A GOOD PUMP. I didn't. It was painful, didn't work very well, and stopped working just as Gavin was moving to regular milk. You may want to wait to buy one until you are sure breastfeeding is going to work for you. Just some thoughts! Good luck! Sorry about the book!

  5. Car seats - With the 1st the "travel system" worked. After that, we needed a double. I would not waste the money on the system and, rather, get a seat and stroller separate. I LOVE my Chicco car seat. We had to get one because Kase didn't fit in the others(to small, so the straps were SUPER loose), and I wish I'd had it for my girls. I agree with what your friend Missy says though, wait for the Iffy things. I never had a bopy or a bjorn with the first 2. Defintaely need it with 3. My kids haven't liked the swing. In-laws purchased it for #3, but it gets used mostly as a storage device. NOT A FAN. Really, I love my Bassinet... car seat... and bouncer. Pretty much all I use. No need to go get all fancy and have LOTS of stuff. They're babies, and we survived without lots of that fancy stuff;). Congrats too!!!

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