Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Time We Got Family Pictures

Family photos...they down right stress me out.  I contemplate the outfits, the poses, the location, etc for far too many hours.  Typically by the time they occur I'm frazzled and not in the mood to smile.  This time around I wanted something casual and easy, but found myself getting tense over nothing.  I was a fool and tried to plan them around my hubby's school schedule which happened to be two days before we moved out of Iowa and the day my parents got into town.  Our apartment was a hot mess and so was I.  Good news is, they turned out just how I wanted.  Glad they are over.  I will dread the day when we have to do this again.  Until then...

Don't mind Henley.  She was was more interested in looking at some peeps working in the field nearby or having the look on her face saying "Why am I here?"

Friday, June 7, 2013

American Gothic House

Before we left go old Iowa, we had to hit up the American Gothic House for our last whoo-raw with the Graff's.  Don't know what that is, yeah me either until I looked up the painting online and recognized it immediately.  Of course the house is in a teeny tiny town a couple hours from Des Moines.  It was definitely worth the drive.

 A replica of the real deal.  The artist's sister and his dentist.
Henley loved this.
One of the best parts about this place is they had costumes for you to dress up.  Even a little guy for the babe which Rich was totally grossed out by.  Exact words, "Are you sure you want to put her in this?  Do you know how many people have touched it?"  The thought didn't even cross my mind. Rich had the look down, however I think I was glaring/snarling too much.  PS...not a flattering dress.  I look pregnant which is not a good look for a post pregnant woman. 
The whole crew
 Taking a break with a bottle and some shades.

We ate lunch at this awesome hole in the wall, called the Canteen.  The place was like a 5X5 room underneath a parking garage.  One of the most random restaurants I have ever been to.  They did serve a pretty delicious hamburger --- sloppy joe without the sloppy.
And of course we had to hit up an ice cream place before heading home.  We were both so sick on the drive home and I maybe had to undo the button on my pants.  That's when you know it has been a good day.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Big Changes

The time has come for our fourth year of podiatry school.  We have heard about the horror from our predecessors and we put it out of our minds for as long as possible.  To fill you in a bit, Rich will be traveling around the US interviewing at different hospitals for 6 whole months without us!  Each month he will be in a different place.  Above are all of the places he is going, and the two little ladies way across the country in Utah are Henley and myself. So currently, we are here living with my parents while the hubby is in Michigan working his fanny off trying to impress those in charge.
Moving rules in our house: No shoes, no shirt, no problem. (Most anyone in our apt complex would have fit the bill).  The poor thing endured two full weeks of me packing like a champ.  Couldn't have asked for a better baby.
My parents were awesome and drove out to Iowa to help us move most of our stuff to a storage unit and to drive back to the west with us.  Biggest blessing!  They were so helpful and I can't imagine doing that drive with just Henley and myself.  Side note: During this move I have realized that our "stuff"...yea, mostly junk.  Not sure why we care to store it.  Can't wait for the day when we can buy furniture that matches.
 The Graff's were awesome and helped us out all day.  Best friends evah!
 The U-Haul place was super super sketchy.  The reviews online said to take a friend with you.  Um, yes.
 Last day in our apartment.  Such a bitter sweet time.  A lot in our lives happened and changed in that apartment.  It was our first long term place we lived as a married couple, first time I moved away from Utah for an extended period of time (best thing), it was the place we brought Henley home to...we made a lot of great friends and memories in Iowa.  We will miss that place dearly.
On a more up-and-up note, Henley is 8.5 mths old!!  Time is flying right before our eyes.  Quick rundown on her - army crawling and getting up on hands and knees to rock back and forth, no teeth, loves eating everything we are eating, very noisy eater, loves being around other people, music is her favorite thing, her favorite toy is cords and straps on bags, hates getting her nose wiped, cute as a button.

I promise I wasn't stepping on her here.  She loves it when I put my foot on her tummy while I shake it so she can hold on.