Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Time We Got Family Pictures

Family photos...they down right stress me out.  I contemplate the outfits, the poses, the location, etc for far too many hours.  Typically by the time they occur I'm frazzled and not in the mood to smile.  This time around I wanted something casual and easy, but found myself getting tense over nothing.  I was a fool and tried to plan them around my hubby's school schedule which happened to be two days before we moved out of Iowa and the day my parents got into town.  Our apartment was a hot mess and so was I.  Good news is, they turned out just how I wanted.  Glad they are over.  I will dread the day when we have to do this again.  Until then...

Don't mind Henley.  She was was more interested in looking at some peeps working in the field nearby or having the look on her face saying "Why am I here?"


  1. I love them, you guys are such a cute little family!

  2. Love all the updates! Your family pics turned out so cute! :)