Friday, June 7, 2013

American Gothic House

Before we left go old Iowa, we had to hit up the American Gothic House for our last whoo-raw with the Graff's.  Don't know what that is, yeah me either until I looked up the painting online and recognized it immediately.  Of course the house is in a teeny tiny town a couple hours from Des Moines.  It was definitely worth the drive.

 A replica of the real deal.  The artist's sister and his dentist.
Henley loved this.
One of the best parts about this place is they had costumes for you to dress up.  Even a little guy for the babe which Rich was totally grossed out by.  Exact words, "Are you sure you want to put her in this?  Do you know how many people have touched it?"  The thought didn't even cross my mind. Rich had the look down, however I think I was glaring/snarling too much.  PS...not a flattering dress.  I look pregnant which is not a good look for a post pregnant woman. 
The whole crew
 Taking a break with a bottle and some shades.

We ate lunch at this awesome hole in the wall, called the Canteen.  The place was like a 5X5 room underneath a parking garage.  One of the most random restaurants I have ever been to.  They did serve a pretty delicious hamburger --- sloppy joe without the sloppy.
And of course we had to hit up an ice cream place before heading home.  We were both so sick on the drive home and I maybe had to undo the button on my pants.  That's when you know it has been a good day.

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