Thursday, November 3, 2016

Our Jam

These two pictures depict all that Henley wants to do day after day. Sword fighting and play Sleeping Queens. Richard has taught me the ways of sword fighting, because before this all began I was a total novice. When he wasn't home, Henley would constantly be saying "No Mom! Watch what I do." I guess you could say I was mostly worried about when we could be done. But with some training from both Richard and Henley, I'm able to hold my own. One of my life long dreams. Also, after the picture below was taken, I was informed that no one fights in the position I chose. Thanks guys.

If you are happen to be searching for a game that your kids will love and you don't hate playing with them, I'd try this one out.  

Fall is Our Friend

When we first found out we were moving to Rockford I was a bit skeptical, but tried my best to be upbeat about the whole thing. After living here for almost three years there are a lot of things I have come to really, really love. One is how much we love the fall here. There are gobs of apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hay rides, etc to visit and the weather is almost always on the up and up. Our favorite place to go is Edward's Apple Orchard. The apples are way too expensive for us to pick (and they require you to pick a bushel), so we always pick the raspberries and blackberries. This is one of Henley's most favorite activities we do all year.

 She eats as many as she picks. This girl has a steel stomach when it comes to eating fruit. 
I got too close to the goats with Declan this year and they started nibbling a little bit at his fingers. Oops. I didn't know they would really mistake a finger for food. Good thing Rich was there to warn me. Rookie mistake. 

 Fall walks are the here.

 Her birthday bike...that she hates. That's a story for another time and place.