Saturday, July 7, 2012

Food, A Day Off, and Fireworks

Given the blistering heat index and humidity this year, we avoided going outside for most of July 4th.  We did make it to a work (indoor) BBQ where I took homemade potato salad.  First attempt and the last.  Way too time consuming and not that great.  I'm a mayo lover yet potato salad never impresses me.  After two years, Rich finally got to meet a lot of the peeps I work with!!  It was fun introducing him to everyone.
For the evening we had delicious lettuce wraps and ventured out to the local fireworks.  We played a little Phase 10, ate our own body weight in Twizzler Nibs, sweated, and enjoyed a rather notable showcase of fireworks.  And...I promised my family some pictures of the pregnancy progress.  Slight bump, big, and bigger.  PS - I have no idea how to pose normally let alone pregnant so just ignore the awkwardness.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Killing Time

I feel safe saying, and almost a little embarrassed that I have mastered the art of killing time.  There have been many weekends where I have to entertain myself and find things to do or other wives to hang out with because the husband has school obligations.  However, this whole studying for boards is the pits.  Not only do I have to occupy my time by myself every weekend, but the weeknights as has been this way for about four weeks now.  (The purpose of this post isn't a pity post because I'm sure all of you have been through the same thing just different situations.)  I'm grateful he is such a hard worker, but I am very excited to have him back.  This weekend, in a nutshell.
A pedicure - only the second one of my life.  It was lovely.

I felt completely uninspired when I went to the grocery store.  Usually I will have a big list of things to purchase for a couple of meals.  I just wasn't feeling it and nothing sounded good.  Results; I came home with a bunch of useless items that can't make any meals.  The good part about this, I discovered the beauty above.  Yes, it has carbonation in it and yes it probably isn't the best thing for me and baby.  My Dr. said I could have one diet caffeinated drink a day and this one doesn't even have caffeine so it is more healthy, right?!  All I know is it is delicious and I hate that I love soda.

I started a new project.  This should occupy my time for a few good nights and I will get my hand work out in which is the only working out I'm doing as of late.  Hopefully the finished product will be cute enough to show you.

Last, but not least, I started a new book "The Thirteenth Tale".  It passed the third chapter test - if I still am interested in the book by the end of chapter three I will keep going, if not I put it down.  I have found one chapter isn't enough to be able to tell if I will like it.  I have a good feeling about this one.  If any of you have good book suggestions, please let me know.  I am always up for a good read!  Well, that was my weekend.  Nice and relaxing.  Going to bed now because I am pregnant and I can.