Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm a Little Behind

Before the year ended I wanted to quickly post some old Halloween pics more for my sake than yours.  We had a fun friend Halloween bash and hope it becomes a yearly tradition.  I feel really lucky to have such a good group of friends from high school that still keep in touch. 
 ^^All of the kiddos.  Amber's little Lottie was all over Henley.  Hilarious.^^

You can't do Halloween without pumpkin carving.  Last year Henley slept through the entire thing.  This year was a little different.  Her favorite part was actually pushing and chasing a little pumpkin around on the ground. 

Every year the Hanks side of the family has a Halloween party and everyone including the adults dress up.  I have missed it for the past four years and was ecstatic to be able to attend this year.  As always, it didn't disappoint.  We played fruit basket, Halloween trivia, and some other lame games that somehow turn out gust busting and inappropriate.  

 ^^My dad always goes all out on his costumes.  The best so far has been "The Flasher".  Frightening, but well done.  This year he dressed up as a tornado.  As yes, those are panties attached to him.^^
 ^^Making soup/eating a pound of cheese on Hallo's Eve^^
 ^^Costume #2 - the Spider (Thanks Aunt Melinda for having two costumes that fit her).  Everyone thought she was a boy.  We went trick or treating at the mall along with every other person in Cache Valley. I think we left there with two pieces of candy.  Crappy candy.  Probably won't do that again.^^
 ^^Pumpkin walk first timer.  She loved it, except getting this Yoda picture taken.^^
 ^^She insisted on wearing this witch hat around for about two days.^^
 ^^It isn't a complete post without an adorable kid in a velour suit.  Not typically a fan of velour, but what's not to love about this!  Cheese!^^

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When It Was Warm

A couple months back my dad had a summer work party we attended.  Free food and free entertainment...why wouldn't we go?  It was held at the Bear Bottoms place by Wellsville (I obviously don't know much about it).  However, I do know that they had two amazing man made water slides.  They were as dangerous as they come.  No restrictions, whatsoever.  It was fabulous.  I didn't get any pictures of the big one, but naturally I took Henley down the small one.  We don't want to raise a chicken.  She had no idea what was going on and seemed to enjoy it even though she looks frightened in these pictures.

My dad then took her on the same one which resulted in a lot more splashing and water in her face.  Surprisingly she didn't mind it. 

All in all, this was one of the more fun activities we participated in this summer.  I would recommend it.  Now we will have to somehow find the joy in winter.  I'm obviously in denial...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who Doesn't Love a 1 Year Old?

If you are sick of hearing about my kid, I would suggest you skip this post.  Otherwise, read on!  We went and got her pictures taken the day before she turned 1 and I wanted to share a few/million.  Also, below is a list of things I want to remember about her at this age.  Thanks for reading!
  1.  Two measly little bottom teeth.  Multiple times I thought new ones were going to punch through any day, but much to my dismay there was no explanation to that day's grumpiness.  The longer they stay in, the healthier?!  Right?!
  2. Loves her binky.  We transitioned from letting her have it only when she is sleeping or a long car ride.  It wasn't too bad at first.  Since we went on vacation though she seems to always want it.
  3. Favorite foods are raspberries, grapes and string cheese.  Options are a little limited with two teeth.  I am surprised what she can gum to death.  Costa Vida sweet pork, oh yes!!
 4.  Says "uh-oh" all day long because she thoroughly enjoys throwing things.  She also says momma and dadda, but we are still unsure if she associates those words with us.  Pretending to talk on the phone is her forte.  Lots and lots of jibberish.
5.  She loves blowing on food.  I will say "It's hot, just one second" and she will help me blow on it by sticking out her bottom lip and blowing the air up through her hair.  
6.  Clapping and fake laughing are perfected.  She always fake laughs when she hears laughter and even when she doesn't.  For example, in relief society a couple of weeks ago a sister was telling an emotional/spiritual story.  Tears and all. Henley just busts out this fake laugh and looks around to see if anyone wants to join.  Awkward?  Yes, but awesome at the same time?  Absolutely.
7.  Never been a sleeper and I am still in denial about it.  She started sleeping through the night at about 10 mths, which is great and I am really grateful for.  Sleeping through the night for her is anywhere from 8-9 hrs and then she is up and ready to play.  She takes two naps a day and they vary in time - - usually both less than and hour.  I still am perplexed at how I totally screwed up her sleeping skills.
8.  Climbing stairs is a frequent pastime.
9.  Still a book worm.  Best hobby in my opinion.
10.  Crawling like a champion, along with pulling herself up and cruising along furniture.  Walking is for the birds in her mind.  Why walk if I can crawl faster or mom can carry me?  It will be another couple of months.
 11.  Gets into everything and wants to be a part of everything I'm doing.  Empties drawers, laundry baskets, dishwasher, bags.  You name it.  She is on it. 
12.  Can already sniff out then I'm trying to eat something without her.  She will stare and stare at my mouth until I confess by chewing or show her what is in there.
13.  Two favorite times of day (for me).  Eating breakfast together - I will get a bowl of cereal and fruit and sit on the ground with my knees up.  She will hang on to my knees and wait for her bites and say "mmmmmmmm" the whole time.  Second favorite time of day is when she wants to cuddle after her afternoon nap.  What mom doesn't love cuddles?
14.  Terrific at blowing kisses.
15.  Love music and dancing with just about anyone.  If you really want her to like you, you will throw in a few good dips. 
16.  Very happy, friendly and full of spunk.

 First time with bubbles.  It was all about the squinting.

Happy First Birthday!  I'm sure year 2 will be just as fabulous!!

Friday, October 4, 2013


This is a long post.  Brace yourself.  

Last month Richard was doing a rotation in South Bend, IN.  Before we left Iowa in May, we made a pact that no matter where he was or what was going on in Utah, we would be together for Henley's 1st birthday.  We made it happen --  Boo-yah!   Before we visited, I had no idea South Bend was soooo close to the border of Michigan.  The people Richard stayed with actually lived in Michiana, MI.  Get it -- Michiana.  On the actual birthday Henley woke up doing a new birthday trick...the fish face.  Probably learned that from her good friend Brianne.  
We hung out most of the day waiting for Richard to get off.  They let him go early (which I love them for) and we headed over to the fanciest restaurant in town, Five Guys.  It was delicious and we both ate our own weight in fries.  After dinner we played by the fountain for awhile.  She wanted to jump in, and I wanted to cave cause of her birthday, but for once I used my brain and thought about how terrible the aftermath would be.  We walked around the mall so I could see what stores they have (just in case we end up there) and Henley had an amazing time people watching.   
Then there was cake.  It started out with a little finger dip, and suddenly turned into a full on cake massacre.  She massaged the thing to death and got as much in her mouth as possible.  Almost looked like the boy on the movie Matilda.  You remember that one?  She was slightly cuter though. 

 Giving herself props for doing so well on cake eating.  Can you blame her?
After a quick bath, she opened a few gifts.  We let her stay up later than normal and then we kissed our 1 year old goodnight.  I am no different than any other mom out there when I say, the first year has flown by and I am a little sad to see the baby stage go.  I have to admit though, this 1st birthday thing gave me some stress.  I felt like I needed to do something grandiose.  Like, outta this world exciting.  With a theme.  And decorations.  A million gifts.  Tons of guests.  Ya know, sometimes Pintrest can make you feel like crap.  When it was all said and done, I was insanely glad we went the simple route.  It fits us better and she had a good ole time.  Also, if you are in the market for an amazing toy for a 1 year old, check out the V-Tech activity book that sings.  It has been dynamite. 
Back to Indiana.  While we were there we hit up a high school football game.  We heard the crowds were huge and it was kinda nuts.  Um...total lie.  There were maybe 150 people in the stands and that was pushing it.  We had more fun watching Henley cheer than we did watching the game. 

Richard swears she learned to love football in the womb.  I did fall asleep to a lot of games while I was pregnant...
Next up, Notre Dame!!  That campus is beautiful and humongous.  We got all stoked because we found two tickets on Craig's List for a home game.  When we went to pick them up and the guy asked if we had bought a ticket for Henley.  No, we hadn't.  He explained that every person, regardless of age has to have a ticket to get into the stadium!!  Excuse me!!  We were not about to pay $110 for her to sit on my lap the entire time.  It was pretty disappointing.  We still went to the campus on game day and saw all of the drunk tailgaters, "Touchdown Jesus" and the Grotto.   I couldn't believe how many people were there for the game.  It was a sight to see. 

The trip went way too fast and so did Henley's first year of life.  Can't believe we have a 1 year old.  (I will do a more detailed post on her later.)  Since we haven't been with Richard, I had forgotten what it was like to not be a single parent.  Gosh, I miss having him around.  We can't wait until we are back in the same state.  Only two more months!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

New Addition

Big news in our family.  My sister welcomed her first baby girl on August 2!  Alta Arnell.  Isn't that the cutest name?!  I am biased.  She came out a little bruised, due to being face up.  Poor thing.  She healed up in no time though.  My sister, obviously was a champion and handled labor like it wasn't a big deal.  She has always had a high pain tolerance.

 ^^Cute little family^^

I was lucky enough to spend a week with the new babes and Melinda a right after she was born.  Not sure if I will ever be living in Utah again when my sister's have any more kids, so I ate it all up and probably wore out my welcome.  

 ^^I had these really high, unrealistic expectations for Henley's reaction to the baby.  This picture pretty much sums up their relationship so far.^^

I went with my sister to Alta's newborn photoshoot and they put Henley in some.  First cousin photos, and I think they turned out incredibly well.


Welcome to the family Alta!  We love you to pieces.