Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who Doesn't Love a 1 Year Old?

If you are sick of hearing about my kid, I would suggest you skip this post.  Otherwise, read on!  We went and got her pictures taken the day before she turned 1 and I wanted to share a few/million.  Also, below is a list of things I want to remember about her at this age.  Thanks for reading!
  1.  Two measly little bottom teeth.  Multiple times I thought new ones were going to punch through any day, but much to my dismay there was no explanation to that day's grumpiness.  The longer they stay in, the healthier?!  Right?!
  2. Loves her binky.  We transitioned from letting her have it only when she is sleeping or a long car ride.  It wasn't too bad at first.  Since we went on vacation though she seems to always want it.
  3. Favorite foods are raspberries, grapes and string cheese.  Options are a little limited with two teeth.  I am surprised what she can gum to death.  Costa Vida sweet pork, oh yes!!
 4.  Says "uh-oh" all day long because she thoroughly enjoys throwing things.  She also says momma and dadda, but we are still unsure if she associates those words with us.  Pretending to talk on the phone is her forte.  Lots and lots of jibberish.
5.  She loves blowing on food.  I will say "It's hot, just one second" and she will help me blow on it by sticking out her bottom lip and blowing the air up through her hair.  
6.  Clapping and fake laughing are perfected.  She always fake laughs when she hears laughter and even when she doesn't.  For example, in relief society a couple of weeks ago a sister was telling an emotional/spiritual story.  Tears and all. Henley just busts out this fake laugh and looks around to see if anyone wants to join.  Awkward?  Yes, but awesome at the same time?  Absolutely.
7.  Never been a sleeper and I am still in denial about it.  She started sleeping through the night at about 10 mths, which is great and I am really grateful for.  Sleeping through the night for her is anywhere from 8-9 hrs and then she is up and ready to play.  She takes two naps a day and they vary in time - - usually both less than and hour.  I still am perplexed at how I totally screwed up her sleeping skills.
8.  Climbing stairs is a frequent pastime.
9.  Still a book worm.  Best hobby in my opinion.
10.  Crawling like a champion, along with pulling herself up and cruising along furniture.  Walking is for the birds in her mind.  Why walk if I can crawl faster or mom can carry me?  It will be another couple of months.
 11.  Gets into everything and wants to be a part of everything I'm doing.  Empties drawers, laundry baskets, dishwasher, bags.  You name it.  She is on it. 
12.  Can already sniff out then I'm trying to eat something without her.  She will stare and stare at my mouth until I confess by chewing or show her what is in there.
13.  Two favorite times of day (for me).  Eating breakfast together - I will get a bowl of cereal and fruit and sit on the ground with my knees up.  She will hang on to my knees and wait for her bites and say "mmmmmmmm" the whole time.  Second favorite time of day is when she wants to cuddle after her afternoon nap.  What mom doesn't love cuddles?
14.  Terrific at blowing kisses.
15.  Love music and dancing with just about anyone.  If you really want her to like you, you will throw in a few good dips. 
16.  Very happy, friendly and full of spunk.

 First time with bubbles.  It was all about the squinting.

Happy First Birthday!  I'm sure year 2 will be just as fabulous!!

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