Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This is a boring post, but it had to be documented so I could prove that I tried gardening. For the past few summers I have really wanted to try planting a small garden. It reminds me of my childhood. I love the fresh veggies...hate the weeding. So my landlords gave me permission to pull out some overgrown plants by our porch to grow whatever I wanted. I started small with some beans, peas, cucumbers, basil, and a tomato plant.  
All was going better than expected (see above) until some unkind bunnies made their way into our backyard and ate everything. I mean, everything. The garden ended up turning into a complete joke because all that has been produced from it is a couple of cherry tomatoes and two basil plants that just started flourishing...in two spots I didn't even plant the seeds. Explain that. 

One of the two cherry tomatoes. This particular tomato was shortly squished by Henley herself after taking this photo. So basically one cherry tomato. Go me.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bragging Rights

Richard doesn't ever read this blog and he would be totally embarrassed and possibly mad if he read what I'm about to write, but I just don't care. 
He is one guy that has this dad thing all figured out. Before we had Henley he told me that he wasn't much of a "baby man", but as soon as the kid could talk a little and interact he would be much more into the whole parenting gig. He was a superb dad to Henley as an infant, but I can see what he means. He speaks Henley's play language. Always coming up with new/exhausting games and activities, an imagination that never stops and always willing to rough house, he is her king. Seriously her love for him is incredible. Not to mention he has the discipline thing perfected. I swear she respects him much more than me. I appreciate him much more than I express and look to him for a lot of parental guidance. Thanks to him, I think Henley is turning out pretty decent.