Monday, September 14, 2015

Bragging Rights

Richard doesn't ever read this blog and he would be totally embarrassed and possibly mad if he read what I'm about to write, but I just don't care. 
He is one guy that has this dad thing all figured out. Before we had Henley he told me that he wasn't much of a "baby man", but as soon as the kid could talk a little and interact he would be much more into the whole parenting gig. He was a superb dad to Henley as an infant, but I can see what he means. He speaks Henley's play language. Always coming up with new/exhausting games and activities, an imagination that never stops and always willing to rough house, he is her king. Seriously her love for him is incredible. Not to mention he has the discipline thing perfected. I swear she respects him much more than me. I appreciate him much more than I express and look to him for a lot of parental guidance. Thanks to him, I think Henley is turning out pretty decent. 


  1. Oh she's darling. Richard didn't give me your adress because he didn't want me to send something to her for her birthday. ..happy birthday darling Henley

  2. He is a pretty good dad and I love all of her facial expressions.

  3. oh hey. i had almost given up on your blog :). dads are the best. especially with little girls.