Friday, August 30, 2013

New Addition

Big news in our family.  My sister welcomed her first baby girl on August 2!  Alta Arnell.  Isn't that the cutest name?!  I am biased.  She came out a little bruised, due to being face up.  Poor thing.  She healed up in no time though.  My sister, obviously was a champion and handled labor like it wasn't a big deal.  She has always had a high pain tolerance.

 ^^Cute little family^^

I was lucky enough to spend a week with the new babes and Melinda a right after she was born.  Not sure if I will ever be living in Utah again when my sister's have any more kids, so I ate it all up and probably wore out my welcome.  

 ^^I had these really high, unrealistic expectations for Henley's reaction to the baby.  This picture pretty much sums up their relationship so far.^^

I went with my sister to Alta's newborn photoshoot and they put Henley in some.  First cousin photos, and I think they turned out incredibly well.


Welcome to the family Alta!  We love you to pieces.

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