Friday, August 9, 2013

He Came Home...For a Bit

Last week was AH-MAZING!  Rich was able to fly in for a measly four days.  Obviously I would have liked it to be longer but I will take what I can get.  The second he got here we were on the go.  First and foremost, the Bell household is a simple zoo.  Meaning, there are quite a few pets compared to my parents house which have zero.  Henley had to be introduced to all of them.  The two cockatiels, three dogs (Lumber being her BFF), three horses, numerous chickens and roosters, etc.  She is quite the animal lover.  Maybe even a vegan...too early to tell though :) 

Not only were we busy with animals, we were pool hunnies.  Seven Peaks, Utah Lake, and Grandma & Grandpa Bell's pool were all hot spots for us. 
^^Side note -- Henley pulled this "underbite" look for a couple of days.  Once Rich left, I realized she had another tooth coming in she had been playing with.  We enjoyed the bitter beer face while it lasted.^^ 
^^Super unimpressed by the slide.  This cracks me up because we thought we were being extremely daring parents by taking her down the BIG water slide.  She could not have cared less about it.^^ 
^^I lathered her whole head in sunscreen.  She refuses to keep a hat on anymore.  The process reminded me of the Full House episode where DJ is babysitting and she butters the kids head.  You 90's peeps know what I'm talking about.^^
Wave running brings us joy.  When we were dating we did this often for entertainment and loved every second of it.  I even have stitches to prove it.  We figured Henley was bound to be born with the wave running passion, so we strapped her in a gigantic life vest and took her for a ride.  I don't know why I expected some shrills and squealing, alas she was more worried about the key flapping in the wind.  Next year, right?  She did love being able to crawl through the shallow warm (disgusting) lake water and eat as many handfuls of sand she could possibly sneak in without us seeing.  Hopefully she doesn't get an STD from that.   
^^Last family photo before he took off^^

It was a well used break.  We partied hard.  We went back to Logan exhausted, sun kissed, and missing Rich more than ever.  Cheers to only four more months of this crap.

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