Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm a Little Behind

Before the year ended I wanted to quickly post some old Halloween pics more for my sake than yours.  We had a fun friend Halloween bash and hope it becomes a yearly tradition.  I feel really lucky to have such a good group of friends from high school that still keep in touch. 
 ^^All of the kiddos.  Amber's little Lottie was all over Henley.  Hilarious.^^

You can't do Halloween without pumpkin carving.  Last year Henley slept through the entire thing.  This year was a little different.  Her favorite part was actually pushing and chasing a little pumpkin around on the ground. 

Every year the Hanks side of the family has a Halloween party and everyone including the adults dress up.  I have missed it for the past four years and was ecstatic to be able to attend this year.  As always, it didn't disappoint.  We played fruit basket, Halloween trivia, and some other lame games that somehow turn out gust busting and inappropriate.  

 ^^My dad always goes all out on his costumes.  The best so far has been "The Flasher".  Frightening, but well done.  This year he dressed up as a tornado.  As yes, those are panties attached to him.^^
 ^^Making soup/eating a pound of cheese on Hallo's Eve^^
 ^^Costume #2 - the Spider (Thanks Aunt Melinda for having two costumes that fit her).  Everyone thought she was a boy.  We went trick or treating at the mall along with every other person in Cache Valley. I think we left there with two pieces of candy.  Crappy candy.  Probably won't do that again.^^
 ^^Pumpkin walk first timer.  She loved it, except getting this Yoda picture taken.^^
 ^^She insisted on wearing this witch hat around for about two days.^^
 ^^It isn't a complete post without an adorable kid in a velour suit.  Not typically a fan of velour, but what's not to love about this!  Cheese!^^

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