Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Holidays All Wrapped Up

 ^^1.  For the past three years we have said we were going to make it to the "lights" in SLC and have always chickened out because of the low temps.  Shockingly, we made it this year.^^
 ^^Typical Utah family picture.^^
 ^^2.  We had a little kid friendly Christmas bash.  I of course forgot to bring a gift (sometimes I wonder about myself).  Love catching up with old friends.^^
 ^^3.  We splurged and got and Elf on the Shelf.  Those things are a racket!  It was worth every kiss she gave Twinkles though.^^
 ^^4. Lots of cousin time since we were staying with his sister and her 8 kids!!^^
 ^^5.  Examining/adoring all of the chocolates my mom made.  I think we ate about five of those plates in one day alone.^^
^^6. Christmas Eve was a total bummer, we were in bed by 7:30.  Henley had a high fever for about three days and laid/slept on me for basically the entire three days.^^

^^7. Christmas Day she tried to power through and was a good sport.  Morning at the Bell's.  Afternoon with my family.  We were definitely spoiled.^^ 

^^8.  Such a proud mom moment right here.  I need a puzzle buddy.^^
^^9.  Day after Christmas.  The girls got vintage princess PJ's from Aunt Niccole who was interning at Walt Disney World during the holidays.  We sure did miss her.^^

^^10.  These two.  Just working their electronics in their scibbies.^^
 ^^11. My dad is fantastic and got a silver mullet for Christmas and wore it the whole day.^^
 ^^12.  Looks like a little electrocution occurred from the Christmas lights.^^
^^13.  To wrap it up on a random note...she loves playing in the sink.  Loves it so much that is all she wants to do.^^

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