Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1.5 years/18 Months

Well we have made it to the 1.5 year mark! When do you stop telling people your kid's age in months. I think I will start now so others no longer have to calculate in their heads how old my child is. Here are a few things about our little nugget at 1.5 years old. Every morning I am greeted with either "Hi Mom." or "Heeeeyyy" when I go get her. It makes the early mornings a lot more bearable.
^^We are currently living with my in-laws and one of her favorite things to do is stand on this doll house. Not necessarily playing with the doll house, just standing on it.^^
^^She has really picked up on the different types of animals these past couple of months. She can do the onomatopoeia for a dog, horse, chicken, dolphin, owl, cat, horse, and elephant. The horse and dog seem to be her favorite.^^

^^Henley is a lover of taking objects in and out of containers. This little token jar has given her hours of entertainment and the markers in her pockets was a full day activity.^^ 
Her love for the swimming pool continues to increase.
^^She is my best little helper. I kid you not, she helps me clean the house. When I say it is time to clean she requests a rag with a little water on it and wipes anything off I ask her to. And pushing around the vacuum is fully entertaining in her eyes. I hope this keeps up.^^ 
 A few more things:
- Her top front teeth are finally showing. She has been a slow teeth sprouter, but they are coming in. Huge gaps and all. 
-  She is talking and understanding more and more every day.
-  She is so sweet and nice to other babies and is constantly telling people to "shhhh" when babies are around. Probably because I say that a lot when we babysit her younger cousin.
-  Her love for silliness and laughing is contagious.
-  She is a mama and dada's girl
-  Still loves her binky and blanket
-  Favorite food is blueberries or grapes
-  Favorite movie is Rio (hands down)
-  Favorite thing to do is be outside or play with animals
-  Loves piggy back rides
-  Gets very excited when I let her roam through a store while I follow her or pretend to chase her. She gets a real thrill out of it. 
- Loves saying prayers. Amen is her specialty.

We love this age so much! Just as we think it can't get any better it somehow does.

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