Sunday, April 15, 2012

Party Like A Rock Star

For my B-Day a couple of months ago, Rich was extremely thoughtful and threw a surprise party for me with all of our closest friends. He went to a lot of work, decorating the whole place, making my favorite Krumb Cake, getting everyone together, and ordering the most delicious BBQ chicken pizzas. I am still extremely impressed with him. It was a Friday and I, of course, went to work with four day grease monkey hair so I looked like trash, but that didn't affect the fun. Unfortunately I took only one measly picture (above) after most everyone had left.
All I wanted for my birthday was to attend the DMU Winter Gala = prom night for med students. Lame, I know but it sounded like a ton of fun and something different to do. Plus Rich and I have never really been to a dance or club together so this was the time to get our groove on!! Last year the tickets sold out before we bought any, so this year I nagged Rich to death to get them in time. It was formal dress and there was no way I was squeezing myself into a prom way. So I opted for my fanciest LBD I had. It worked out perfectly, even though I was a little under dressed. We danced and sweat the night away. Lots of other students compared us to Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing. We thought it was pretty accurate :) Definitely one of our most memorable nights.
On the dance floor where we spent most of the night...oh and the chocolate fountain which I had a hard time pulling myself away from.