Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Little Fish

Lovin’ this stage of motherhood.  Nine months old came and went like a tornado with a lot of developmental changes.  Henley is such a fun girl and I’m cherishing these moments.  It also helps that she is finally sleeping through the night and napping.  Not sure what helped her make this change.  My guess is a combination of things – crying it out, I no longer care about a schedule, and age.  Quite frankly, your guess is as good as mine.  Back to 10 mths.  She is so interactive and wants to be involved in everything.  We are currently taking “swim lessons”.  It involves a lot of singing, splashing and kicking.  We have had a blast!  If Henley has her way she would splash on the side of the pool or suck on her hands all day.  She thinks the kicking/laying on your back thing is over rated. 
^^Dreading the attack of the sunscreen.  Worst part about swim lessons.^^
 ^^Hi Grandma!^^

 ^^We still need to work on the jumping part, buuuuuttt she will lean into the pool for me to catch her^^

Our other source of entertainment has been following Grandpa around in the garage.  And doing a little exploring of course.  Surprised by her best friend, the shovel?  She always has to have her little hand wrapped around something. 

^^Oh hey there.^^

Happy Thursday!

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