Friday, July 12, 2013

Annual Hanks Family Reunion

Since the beginning of time, my dad's side of the family has had a big family reunion up at Bear Lake.  Cousins, aunts, uncles, cousins kids, grandparents...everybody.  Well, everybody's families have grown a bunch and my grandparents are getting older so for the past two years each family has done their own thing.  Park City was our vacation destination this year and we had a blast.  Real soccer game was the first event.  I was a little nervous to take Hen since it can be so loud and there were fireworks afterwards.  She was a champ though.  She did cry a couple of times when it got extremely loud, but despite the super hot circumstances and noise, she fared quite well.
 ^^Bus ride to the soccer arena.  Also, chopped my hair. Going for the juilianna Hough look.  Still don't know how to do it and decided I was hoping the haircut would make me look like her. :)  In my dreams.^^
^^Sista, sista and Mom.  All sweating to death.  Henley's face says it all.  (Really missed Niccole this year.  Internships in DisneyWorld take precedence though.)^^
^^Busy body.  The man she was staring at never even looked at her.  Kind of a grump if you ask me.^^
^^Drinking a bottle, dying of heat, and getting her ears covered during the fireworks.^^

We stayed at the Canyons resort, which was impeccable.  So much to do.  Swimming pools, mini golf, restaurants, shopping, hiking, and tennis.  Next time we will take our bikes up to do a little off roading. 

 ^^Shopping with the girls.  Praise my sisters are so willing to help with the baby.^^
^^No shirt, no shoes, no problems^^

We went out to Squatters to celebrate my Mom and Melinda's birthdays that were in June.  There was a 40 minute wait so we took some pictures at the Olympic medal stands to kill the time.

^^Opening up gifts after dinner.^^

We played tennis a couple of times which was the best thing ever.  So much fun.  One day we had an amazing match going which was rudely interrupted by the rain.  Wish I would have gotten some pictures of our drenched bodies.  It was worth it though.
 ^^Enjoying a little tennis on the sidelines.^^
 ^^My cute 8 month pregnant sister.  Can you even tell she is pregnant?!  I think not.  She is tiny!!^^

 ^^Bringing his A game.^^

We also hit up the farmers market.  Definitely a lot of hippy dippy peeps there which made for some good people watching.  Lots of music, kiosks, and yummy food.  Melinda and I shared a baguette the size of our leg and a asiago cheese pastry the size of our head.  Everything is the size of a body part. 
 ^^Henley and I rockin' out to some tunes.^^

It was incredible spending so much uninterrupted time with my sisters, their hubbies, and my parents.  As always, wish Rich could have been there.  Maybe next year...we always say that hoping it might come true some day.


  1. I love your last comment about hoping next year Rich will be there! Story of my life. In our 2 weeks of residency, Justin has had dinner at home once! So crappy. But you look like you are holding up and having a great time! Such a cute family. And I love your hair!

    1. Thanks Erika! I am getting more and more used to the hair. Tell me you are lying about Justin being home once for dinner!! That is the worst. I'm going to have to grow some really tough skin again before we start residency. I hope you guys are holding up okay.

  2. sounds so fun! love the hanks family :) and hello, Melinda is SO tiny, she looks awesome. also, love all of henleys cute outfits, shes getting so big!

    1. Thanks Dani!! Yep, Melinda is TINY. Hope to see you guys soon!