Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pictures Galore

These past few months have been busy, so these next few posts are going consist of a lot of pictures and a lot less talk.
At the Trick or Trunk with Ashley. We actually knew the kids this year making it much more fun.
Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up - Ricardo doesn't share this same passion, but he is a good sport. The Graffs' were nice enough to throw another Halloween party. Last year we went and didn't dress up because we didn't want to be the only of my biggest regrets and I wasn't going to let it happen again. This year we were Russell and the Grandpa from Up!! Thanks to my church calling in scouts I already had most of the costume. We went and grabbed Rich some glasses and some silver hair spray and we were good to go. Super easy and comfortable!

The Parks in our ward were nice enough to invite us and a few other couples over to their house for Thanksgiving. They made us feel right at home and the food was amazing. After dinner we played with their kids and scoured the infamous ads. We love the Parks!
Naomi and I...she's adorable
The Graffs' once again were amazing and planned a Hot Cocoa get together with all the second year med students before we all took off for Christmas. We really enjoy hanging out with these peeps.

This is Tamara. She is my best friend at work. She is absolutely hilarious and I think the world of her. Tamara turned 50 on Dec 9 and threw a wild birthday party. We ate, everyone else drank, Tamara entertained us with her beautiful voice and riotous songs such as "Camel Toe", we met her family and friends and loved every minute of it!

Christmas posts to come soon.


  1. looks like you guys are having a blast! so glad you are enjoying it out there! we loved seeing you guys over the break, fabulous party :)keep the posts coming!

  2. your hair is getting long! looks like you guys are doing well!

  3. Hi Analese! Just stumbled upon your blog through Katie's. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun adventures!

  4. Emily: I'm really glad you stumbled upon us so we can stay caught up with you, Matt and the fam!