Tuesday, November 15, 2011

McRibbin' It

Tempting it was...
He's in the zone

We finally broke down. Let me rephrase, I finally broke down and got a McRib with Rich. For the past month we would pass McDonald’s on our way home and Rich would say “Here’s our chance, here’s our chance. All you gotta do is get into the right lane.” And somehow each day I would purposely miss the turn and say “Oops…guess we’ll have to stop another time”. Don’t get me wrong, I love fast food, but there was something about the McRib that didn’t look very appealing to me. The sandwich proved me wrong though and almost lived up to the hype it gets. It was quite a delicious little combo of pickles, onions, and BBQ sauce. Thank you Richard for being the wiser of the two of us.

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