Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Part Dos - Hanks

There was a big change in my family since the last time I was home. Unfortunately I didn't get as many pictures as I should have. First, my parents moved!! They didn't move far from their old place, but the new house is exactly what they needed. Much bigger in the kitchen and living areas. I thought I would miss our old house however my parents had done a fantastic job making the new place feel like home. Being with my family is completely different than the hubby's. I have three sisters, two of which are married, but none of us have kids. So it is a lot more calm and relaxing. We love going to both places - it's a nice mix. We had tons of fun with my fam. Lots of eating out and eating in, movies, bowling, shopping, and just hanging out! It is always great to be home for Christmas.

We went bowling the day after Christmas. Above are our best bowling poses. Serious Sharice, Neat Niccole, Astounding Analese, and Combat Curt.
We take this pretty seriously.
Fam photo. Do you love the masked man? Oh, that would be my husband. After we got extremely sick at his parents house, he got a cold sore and was so embarrassed about it...he wore a mask for the next few days! It was so funny. I loved it when we would go out and people would gawk at him - we mouthed to the gawkers "Anthrax" while pointing to Rich.
It's become a tradition to have a friend hoedown for the holidays. This year we hosted it at my parents house. It was so good to see everyone! We caught up, ate soup and treats, played ping pong and reminisced. I wish I would have got a picture before everyone time.
Do you love Rich in his new Adidas suit? His only Christmas goodness, it has become an obsession.
The besties.

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  1. It looks like you guys had a great visit! Love the track suit! Do you guys watch Modern Family? It reminds me of Jay in the mall... if you don't you should at least look up that clip. :)