Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Part Uno - Babies, babies & More Babies

Look at this chocolate face. What's not to love? For Rich's Christmas break and me saving all of my time off, we were able to go back to Utah. Rarely, Rich's whole family was there this year. When I say whole family, I mean all nine siblings and their families. Needless to say there were a billion people there. We did a lot of fun things but we started the vacation off right by hitting up ColdStone. If I could choose two things to eat for the rest of my life it would be ice cream and cereal...that's how much I love ice cream.

We also had a fun filled night at Trafalga. The kids rode rides, we played miniature golf (I beat Ricardo), laser tag, rock climbing and what I spent most of the night doing was climbing through those hard tubes and riding down the slide. Like the ones at McDonald's Playplace. James (boy above with ice cream all over his face) wasn't big enough to pull himself up on a step in the middle of the tube maze, so I was the designated Aunt that volunteered to go - times 20. I forgot how old I was. My knees hurt, my back ached, my hair was a static mess. Anything for a slide ride :)
Some of the nieces and nephews. This is right before Ricardo & I got virally sick. I mean really sick. Like throw up 15 times and other things, sleeping in the bathroom, and not eating for two days sick. It was the worst I have ever had it. Looking at those lollipops gives me a slight tummy ache.

The Nativity and Santa's visit was a complete comedy. When you are at the Bell's you have to expect someone to be crying and screaming at all times. This definitely held true Christmas Eve.

Above was date night with all of the adults and the tiny babes. This was the first time since Rich and I have been married that we went out with just the siblings and their spouses. It was really nice for a change. And we can't forget the babies below. Four of his five sisters were all pregnant at the same time! They tried to get me to jump on the bandwagon - um, no thanks for now.

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