Thursday, October 2, 2014

Henner's Happy Birthday

Henley's Birthday...such a bitter sweet day. Here is another motherly confession - - I NEVER understood why mom's were so sad when their kids had a birthday. It is supposed to be a happy, joyful occasion and you should be celebrating the fact that with each year they are becoming more independent. I get it now and it is weird that I'm having all of these mushy feelings about it. 
Anyway, on with the birthday festivities. In the morning she woke up to this little banner and pile of presents. She was mostly intrigued with the banner and how she could get it down. We played and played whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted that morning.
^^Seriously check out that face.^^

In the afternoon we headed to the Discovery Center where they have a massive Light Bright and tons of toddler interactive activities. We had snacks and basically talked about water and pretty dresses the whole time.

When Rich got home from work we opened up a few of her gifts. Her Grandma Bell sent her a princess basket, chock full of clip on earrings, wands and other glittery accessories. She ate up all of the fanciness.
 ^^She aged about 100 years in the picture above with all of her garb.^^
 ^^We got her a tricycle, which she was completely unimpressed with and still is. However, the grape chapstick that my mom sent her was all the rage.^^
When we went to the store to pick up cake stuff I had in mind what I wanted to get.  White on white. Henley had something different in mind. She saw all of the frosting colors and said "Oooooo pitty." So as my heart melted I asked her which color she would like. Of course she responded extremely enthusiastically "Peeenk!!" and shortly after "Purrr-ple." I then explained to her that she could choose only one. After sitting in the cart, not wanting to give one up she had come up with a plan "Henee, peeenk. Mama, purrrple." Seriously, how can you say no to that? Also, why I was denying the poor girl a frosting container that cost $1.25, I will never know.
 ^^Sneaking a little taste before the big song began.^^
About a week before her birthday we explained that her big day was coming up. She has started to understand birthdays a little bit better and we practiced and practiced the song and how we were going to blow the candles out. When the time came she was totally prepared and nailed it like a boss...sorta. She always puts her lower lip on her upper lip when she blows, thus all of the air goes directly into her hair. Let's just say it took a few extra blows for those two mighty big candles to get blown out.
 ^^Yep, that's spit. Nice.^^
 ^^And then we did the song and candles three more times that night just because she freakin loved it and we loved watching it.^^
^^Get it gyrl.^^


  1. cant believe shes two! that Henley girl, she is so extremely adorable. love all of the pics. hope you guys are doing well! we miss you!

  2. Hi Analese. You probably don't remember me since we only met twice like nine years ago, but I found your blog and decided it was kind of creepy that I keep reading it without saying anything.
    Your daughter is adorable.
    Darin says hi.

    1. Of course I remember you! Funny story, I was kind of a creep myself and have been looking at your Instagram feed from time to time. Wesli and Sloane are completely adorable. I think I will just have to follow you for real now since we got the creepiness out in the open :)