Thursday, September 25, 2014

Soaking Up Summer

We realize that most everyone else is back in school, which means summer has come to a close. However, we are still available all day, every day so we are taking in all of the outdoor activities we possibly can before the bitter cold comes.
 ^^There has been a ton of horsing around with the hose.^^

On Labor Day we headed to a nearby lake and tried our hand at paddle boarding with some friends. It was a lot of fun, but I have to be honest...I thought the actual paddle boarding would be more fun. Once we got to the middle of the lake it was like "Now what?" Anyone else experience this?

We invested in a bike seat for Henley and it was one of our wiser kid purchases. She loves getting strapped in the back and telling me everything she sees along the way. She also loves pulling at the back of my pants cause she thinks it is funny. Me, not so much.

This is completely out of order, but this summer she has loved saying "cold, cold, cold, cold" when getting out of the shower and is notorious for staying wrapped up like this for up to 45 minutes.

Between the sidewalk chalk that we scored for free and these wings found in the dollar section at Target, she has been in imagination heaven.

Fall, I think we are ready for you to come, but winter please stay away for forever.


  1. I'm worried about being stuck inside my tiny house with a stir-crazy toddler all winter :(

    1. You and me both! I can only play with dolls and stuffed animals for so long, and then I start to go insane. If you discover any fun ideas to keep her busy pass them on and I will do the same.