Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Weather

It was time.  Time to take the parent goggles off and realize my child was sporting the "I can't embrace balding" hair-do.  The curl had left the ten long hairs and had turned into a straight, stringy mess.    
 Comb-over material
I had no idea what I was doing and luckily the results were good.  She was intrigued and well behaved the whole time despite the crazy lady behind her.  Good grief I'm photogenic.
 The after.  Lots of smiles.
My friend, Joni Canovah, talked me into running a 5K with her.  Thank heavens she did because without that motivation I would have never exercised.  The race was a blast.  12,000 runners signed up for the Glow Run.  It was held downtown on a Saturday night.  There were a ton of people, lots of them being intoxicated which made for an interesting race.  They held a huge party afterward that Joni and I skipped.  I'm sure everyone was disappointed they didn't get to see our groovy moves.
And the highlight of a couple weeks ago was the amazing weather.  Good weather brings sooo much free entertainment and we definitely took advantage of it.  We went down a ton of slides, played on the swings, went on some long walks, short jogs and played frisbee numerous times.  I can't get enough of spring weather.

First time on the swings was a success.  Her nervous/shy habit is to put her hand in her mouth.  She did let the hand go for a couple of pushes though, but just a couple.  

Doesn't this face just say, "What are you lookin' at?"  

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  1. Looks like she liked her hair cut. She has the cutest and most contagious smile.