Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Faux Birthday

Having your birthday on Christmas would be the pits.  Richard’s Birthday comes in second place for the crumbiest day to have your birthday, New Year’s Day.  Everyone is off work, which you think would be awesome.  Not awesome.  It is too close to Christmas so you don’t need anything else as far as gifts go and basically everyone forgets it is your birthday because they are trying to recover from the night before.  I feel bad every year when Rich’s B-Day comes and goes like a regular old day.  Trust me, I have tried to make it special and it never pans out.  This year I decided it would be a fun tradition to celebrate big when his half birthday rolls around (July 1).  Unfortunately we aren’t going to be together at that time therefore I chose a random day that worked best for him and I to celebrate.  March 29.  That day happened to be the last school exam he will ever take!!  Two birds with one stone.  I got him some fun little cheap things he needed and re-wrapped his Ipad that he got on his actual b-day.  He has been talking about trying Shepherd’s Pie for a very long time.  I have been avoiding it because this dish seems like a bunch of crap thrown into a casserole dish.  I was pretty spot on with the description and he loved it.  I also attempted to make these little cakes (http://ohhappyday.com/2012/02/mini-cakes-diy/).  It was a total fail.  Two of them overflowed in the oven, causing A LOT of smoke and our fire alarm to go off.  One made it through the baking stage and came out resembling a slouchy hard piece of fudge. He tried to make me feel better by taking a bite.  That made me even more mortified, afraid he was going to crack a tooth or something.  We ended up going out for dessert.  Thank you McDonald's chocolate dipped cones.  I think I will continue with this tradition and hope it makes his Birthday a little more special than it has been in the past.  Happy Faux Birthday to my hubby!

Where's Henley?  Wrapping paper is the ultimate baby gift.

He loves it when I take a picture of just him :)

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