Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Things Around Here

List of things going on around our neck of the woods.  Warning...some of this might be too much info so prepare yourself before reading and don't think I'm gross.  Mmmm-kay.

1.  How much I can't wait to undo my bra when I get home from work.
2.  The amount of flatulence I have had lately - not stinky, but just a lot of air which comes out at times I'm not even expecting it.  Lucky Richard.
3.  I forget and lose everything.  I've lost my keys twice in one week.  Once being today at church and still haven't found them.  The other time when I finally drag my sorry butt to the gym.  It started off poorly because I forgot my badge to get in the gym and shamefully begged the guy at the front to let me in (I may or may not have played the pregnancy card).  After realizing I had misplaced my keys, I had to ask him if someone had turned in a set.  As I was walking away I'm sure he was thinking "This lady has issues." Can't blame him - I would have thought the same thing.
4.  I bought a dresser off of Craig's list after admiring all of the sanding/re-painting projects on Pintrest.  Yeah, I suck at the whole sanding thing.  I hate it and have accomplished a 3 X 3 inch section after working on it for over three hours.  Richard was right, IKEA might have been a better option.
5.  As much as I have resisted buying maternity clothes, the belly shirts are getting a little old.  I feel like Pooh Bear.  I might have to cave and buy a couple of things.
6.  Feeling like a normal human being halfway through 2nd trimester is the BEST!  Now I can see why people decide to have more than one kid.
7.  Not ready to give up my Sunday (and now Saturday) naps.
8. Can't wait for Rich's boards to be over.  Dear July 11, please hurry!!

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