Sunday, November 14, 2010

Long Time...No Blog

So I'm definitely new at this whole blogging this. I'm not good at taking pictures of stuff we do, when I do take pictures it is easy to tell that I'm not Joe Photo, and I feel like I can't think of interesting things to say, but hopefully as time goes on I will get better at it.

A little bit ago, Rich and I were lucky enough to have his dad, sister Valecia and her five kids stop by our tiny apartment on their drive back to New York! It was crazy jammed in our little place, yet totally awesome to have them here even if it was only for a night. They got here while I was still at work, but I was able to meet them at Raccoon River Lake where they went swimming. The water was surprisingly warm and us adults (party poopers) that didn't bring our swimsuits ended up getting in anyway in our clothes cause it looked so fun. I of course disappoint myself because I didn't take any pictures there. Oh well, lesson learned. After the fun at the lake we came home and made homemade pizza, macaroni and hotdogs, and had ice cream sundaes for dessert. I know, I know, I'm the best host in the world. Gourmet foods only please :) After watching The Incredibles we played an intense game of "Hide the Object" and try to find it with just one clue. It was such a fun night. Rich and I were really sad to see them go. It's always nice to have family around, ya know?! It gets me really excited to come home for Christmas!
The cute kids (Colin, Victoria, Kenya and Tahlia - James is already asleep). How do you like Kenya's flowery PJ's she made herself? She is so proud of them and told me we could make some for pretty sure that I would look like a huge whale in a moo-moo, so I'll pass. But she's so cute, she can pull it off.

Colin just flexing his muscles and showing off his red punch mustache. I swear this boy didn't wear a shirt the whole time he was here!

There is a project I have been working on for a bit and it is almost finished just a few last touches!! So, I'm crossing my fingers that I will get it posted sometime this week! I feel like if I say that, I am actually obligated to finish it and I need the extra motivation!

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