Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Project

If you are anything like me, you have oodles and oodles of projects you would someday like to do. I have all of the fun ideas I'd love to do saved and organized neatly in my e-mail, however they are starting to pile up. I was hoping when we moved out to the mid-west I would suddenly become this creative/crafty individual like all the other women out hasn't happened yet, but hey, I did at least complete one project so I’m going to give myself a little credit. I found this really cute DIY pillow on Etsy and since it was mostly hand sewing vs a machine (I don’t have a machine…) this was right down my alley. Initially I was making it for a Fall gift exchange. I didn’t make it to the exchange, therefore I was extremely happy to be able to keep it. Here are the items you need:

Pillow insert, felt (either one or two colors depending on what you want), needle, thread (I accidentally bought quilting thread..shows how much I know. Luckily it still worked), something to trace out rosettes

I wish I would have kept track of how long this project took so I could tell you. Honestly, it was a little time consuming, but nothing that I wouldn't do again - which means it is totally doable for anyone. Below is the finished product!! I think it turned out pretty well and goes perfectly with our bed! Follow the link above if you are interested in more detailed instructions.

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