Thursday, December 3, 2015

Baseball Girl/Rockford Peach

This Halloween I feel like we totally hit the jackpot age. She loved everything about the holiday. From the spookiness, to dressing up, and the candy of course.

I basically forced this costume upon her (this is the last year I think I can get away with it), and she embraced it quite well. She told everyone she was being a baseball girl and eventually caught on to the whole Rockford Peach thing from League of Their Own. I felt like the costume had to be done since we will only be in Rockford for one more Halloween. Also, I'm not a creative mom or good photographer, so since I made the effort of going to an actual baseball diamond to get pictures, you get to see a whole big photo dump.

The extra fun part about this costume, was she was able to match her good friend Cosette (Cosy) and her sister, Charlotte. I jumped on the Rockford Peach bandwagon when their mom told me her girls were dressing up as one. Also, thanks to my mom for having some domestic skills and sewing this adorable costume while I sat on the couch.

Pumpkin carving was also a highlight. The guts and all. 

I hope this isn't our last year of costume coordinating. I love it for some reason. The umpires were super easy and that's okay. I wasn't about to make my mom sew me or Richard the baseball attire Tom Hanks wore in the movie. 

This was our first year of REAL trick or treating. Every other year it has been too friggin cold to make it worth it. In Rockford they have a whole slew of trick or treating rules. One that you can't forget are the time slots when trick or treating is allowed. Everyone has to be done by 6:30 pm sharp or it just gets too dangerous. And if a house doesn't have a porch light on, you aren't allowed to knock. A little different than Utah. We lucked out and headed down a couple of streets that had a bunch of porch lights on, but I was surprised to see how many people don't turn their darn lights on. The grinches. Henley loved the actual door knocking as did Rich and I and it turned out to be a pretty magical Halloween. Except for the fact that she always chose Laffy Taffy, Smarties or Dum Dum's if they were an option....

Let's pray that she doesn't want to be a princess next year.  I shouldn't have said it aloud, cause now it will for sure happen. 


  1. Done by 6:30? Is Rockford the Compton of Illinois? She looks pretty darn cute!

  2. Oh, and in my opinion there is never such thing as too many photos.

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    1. I guess I am in Austin's account but I know mustache loves her too.