Sunday, February 22, 2015

Everything "P"

 So this has been my view lately and it surprisingly hasn't consumed us like I thought it would. Before we started this whole process I kept wondering when a good time to start would be, but I continued to put it off because I wasn't ready to stay home for five solid days dealing with puddles and such. Just a couple of weeks ago Henley started saying, "Mom, diaper buggin' me" when even the slightest drop of pee was in there. So we both pulled on our big girl pants and decided it was time.
We stayed home the first day, set the timer, made a sticker chart...ya know, the works. The next day we ventured out, made way too many trips to the bathroom to make it even worth it but we survived. And truly it hasn't been that bad. Maybe because I was expecting terrible, horrible days.
She has really embraced the sticker chart and even earned a trip to the toy store already (rookie mistake by me...I made a chart that was way too small). We are still working on #2, which is happening less and less. Let's just say that when it does happen (not on the potty) it is bad enough that we term them "episodes." Tonight I happened to run to the store after Rich got home. He called me while I was gone to tell me an episode had occurred. He used the word "loaf"....twice while telling me about it. I am still laughing. Partly cause that word is hysterical and partly because I missed it. Does that make me a terrible person?


  1. I looooove everything about Henley. She can do no wrong in my eyes.

  2. Oh the joys of potty training.......poop in the panties, not many things nastier in life. She is so darling Analese

  3. Yes the number twos are terrible. Wes used to paint with hers😝