Thursday, August 14, 2014

Henley's Habits

Although it might not look like there is much to this picture below, there is. At this lovely stage of toddlerhood, Henley knows exactly what she wants most of the time and isn't afraid to be vocal about it. This can be very amazing and helpful and can also be extremely frustrating for both of us. Currently there are a few items she cannot live without. See below.

1. Daw-berries (strawberries) - She has always been quite the fruit eater, but lately strawberries take the cake. She requests them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. At least it is something healthy, right? But what is a good strawberry without a little "shake, shake" on them? In our house, strawberries and powdered sugar go hand in hand. That's probably why she likes them so much.

2. Baby Blue Bowl - see that tiny pale blue bowl she is eating out of. That is where all of her meals are served from. No other bowl will do. Peanut butter and jelly, chicken, you name is served in that bowl. You see, this little blue bowl came in a set, with each bowl being a measuring size such as 1 cup or 1/2 cup, etc. The smallest one is the best companion. I've tried to trick her before with the size up and she always catches me. I'm amazed at how much she is aware of.

3. Princess nightie - There are some things that just aren't worth putting up a fuss over. This nightie for example, she wears EVERY night. I have tried my darnedest to get her to wear something else and after much persuasion I have succumbed to letting her love and wear her nightie. We do wash it a few times a week and she cries every time she sees it go in.

4. Pim-a (Simba) - He is her absolute favorite stuffed friend. She can't sleep without him and totes him along to most places we go. However, when we go into stores or to the playground, etc., she always wants Simba to stay in the car. I don't know if she is afraid of losing him, but one less thing for me to keep track of means I'm on board. We are having a little bit of a gender crisis with him though. She loves to put him in dresses with bows and a little chapstick. She has never seen Lion King, so we wonder if her whole world will come crashing down when she makes the realization that he is a boy. I doubt it.
5. H&M knit dresses - (not pictured). H&M has these wonderful $5 knit dresses and they have become my arch nemesis. If there is one thing she is super opinionated about, it is what she wears. I want her to explore her creativity and put outfits together, but I have a hard time when she picks to wear the same thing every single day. She has four of these said dresses and she wears each one, once a week (so 4 days of the week). The other three days she gets to decide between a couple of outfits I lay out. Those days it takes triple the time to get her dressed.

6. Bean-teen (Binky) - Also not pictured. She is still crazy about these things and is only allowed to use them when she sleeps. Any advice on how to get rid of them is welcome.

Henley is definitely a creature of habit and I want to remember all of these funny little things she obsesses over. I'm sure there will be more to come.

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  1. Hahaha laughing so hard, and feeling so relieved that maybe Mariah doesn't have OCD after all. Nice to know she's not the only one VERY particular about eating out of a miniature bowl (her favorite for a few weeks was actually a medicine cup) and I feel ya on the $5 h&m dresses. Henley is so super adorable, she totally gets away with it in my book ;)