Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas In A Nut Shell

  • We weren't planning on going home for Christmas this year.  Had a baby.  Made it happen.  Three weeks of awesomeness in Utah.
  • Visited the Hanks' first.  Niccole finally meets Henley.
  • Hanks' white elephant party.  Always some good inappropriate gifts brought.
  • Rich's Christmas Eve flight was cancelled due to a "sick" crew member.  Lots of tears from an emotional wife.  
  • Mustache growing can't see Rich's mustache in any pictures.  Next year they will have to do a neck beard contest so he can actually participate.
  • Christmas Eve: lots of food, games, ping pong competition and more food
  • Christmas Day: split between Hanks'/Bell's - tons of gifts and the whole side of the Bell's met the babe.  It was a little stressful for me, however Henley handled it like a champ.  Favorite gift was some clip in bangs believe it or not - I still can't figure out how to make them look cute in my hair.
  • Swimming and sledding multiple times
  • Henley's blessing (I'll post more about that later)
  • New Year's chaos at the Bell's.  I had a really hard time staying awake until midnight.  Apparently I'm 80 years old.
  • Ombre'd/melt my hair.  Still unsure if I like it and I don't have a good picture of it because I'm stubborn.
  • Colds and the flu.  Not a Utah trip without it.
  • Loved every minute of it.  Bitter sweet leaving Utah behind and heading back to Iowa.

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